Project Description

Puppy Class

Getting a new puppy can be very exciting!

Good for you for considering puppy classes, what better way to start your pup on the right paw.

In this class, your puppy will learn socialization skills with both people & dogs all the while learning the vital components to becoming a well behaved adult dog.

What we will cover in class:

  • sit
  • stay
  • down
  • leash manners (no pulling)
  • recall (come when called)​

As well we will cover:

  • crate training
  • potty training
  • nipping/biting
  • puppy chewing

​6 week program (6 one hour sessions)
Training programs are designed with homework in mind to be implemented between classes.

Please note: We require a minimum of 3 puppies per class to proceed with posted start dates. Start dates may be postponed 1-2 weeks to achieve this minimum participation requirement.

Fall Class Start Dates:

Age: 10 weeks to 15 weeks

Class Start Dates: 

Thursday November 7th  @ 6pm

Saturday November 9th  @ 9am

(6 weeks)

Investment: $159 + HST

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