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    Dog Information

    Days you would like your puppy visits to happen?

    How many puppy visits per day would you like your puppy to have?
    1-2 visits3-4 visits
    Does your dog know basic commands?
    DownSitStay/WaitLeave it/Drop itRecall/Come/HereOther

    Does your dog display any of the following behaviours?
    HumpingJumpingRough playResource GuardingGarbage eatingSwimmingChases Cars/Bikes/SkateboardersMarkingBarkingWhiningSeparation AnxietyOther

    Is your dog stressed by?
    ChildrenOther DogsThunderLoud NoisesCarsTrafficMenStrangersCratesNone of the aboveOther

    Client states that the dog to be cared for by Pawsitive Pack Leader is safe to be around and has not previously caused injury to any person or animal unless stated below. Any special concerns or instructions related to ensuring the safety of Pawsitive Pack Leader personnel or others are listed herein.
    **Has dog ever bitten a human or another dog

    Veterinarian Information

    Should your vet be unavailable, client authorizes Pawsitive Pack Leader to select veterinarian of their choice?

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